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Virtual Office Support

For a limited time we are offering Virtual Office Support services to help businesses who are impacted by Covid-19.

We have selected a set of unique services to support businesses who may need some assistance at a more affordable one off service, rather than our regular all-inclusive packages.

Webinars and Online Courses

Webinar Slides + Presentations

Creating an online webinar or course and need a beautiful presentation?

Provide us with a word doc of your presentation and we will make it look amazing in either Google slides or PDF.

We can:

  • Design slides aligned with your branding look and feel
  • Source free stock images to use in the presentation and for your social media marketing and advertising for the course
  • Create graphs, charts, infographics or diagrams to explain your teaching visually
  • Format the content that keeps the user engaged and provide creative ideas for enhancing the slide content further

10 Slides


$199.00Book Now

30 Slides


$299.00Book Now

50 Slides


$499.00Book Now

Opt Ins, Courses or Webinars


Creating an ebook or workbook for an opt-in, webinar or online course and need it to look amazing?

Provide us with a word doc of your ebook and we will make it look amazing as a digital and interactive PDF.

We can:

  • Design the ebook in your branding look and feel
  • Source free stock images to use in the ebook and for your social media marketing and advertising for the ebook
  • Create graphs, charts, infographics or diagrams
  • Format the content that keeps the user engaged and provide creative ideas for enhancing the ebook content further
  • Export the PDF as an interactive PDF with clickable links or buttons OR as a Canva template

4 Pages


$159.00Book Now

8 Pages


$249.00Book Now

12 Pages


$499.00Book Now

Online Business Marketing

Image Collection

Need a gallery of amazing images that represent your brand, to use on social media or in your marketing but don’t have the time to find them?

We’ll collect a gallery of amazing royalty free images, that are perfectly suited to your brand, have a consistent feel and well considered for your location, audience and demographic. 

You can choose for us to source free images, or give us a budget and we can source original paid images as well.

All images are supplied to you as Jpeg’s suitable for online and social media use.

** Cost does not include any paid images sourced.

30 Images


$55.00Book Now

50 Images


$99.00Book Now

100 Images


$199.00Book Now

Social Media Marketing

Canva Templates

If you’re struggling to keep up with your marketing when it comes to the correct sizes and layout for social media elements such as cover photos, header photos, shared images, album banners, channel covers, posts, and so on.. Let us help you with an easy go to template!

We will design a set of social media templates that uniquely represent your brand, and are easy to update.

3 Templates


$149.00Book Now

5 Templates


$227.00Book Now

15 Templates


$340.00Book Now

Online Business Marketing

Canva Brand Setup

Do you use Canva but want to get more consistent with your colours, fonts, logo placement etc?

Using Canva “Brand Kit” we will

  • Setup your brand colour palette, and suggest ideas for enhancing these in Canva
  • Setup your fonts, and suggest ideas for formatting these in Canva
  • Upload your logo files, and provide guidance on how to use them best on different backgrounds etc
  • A individualised instruction video provided to you on using all of the above with the enhancement tips in the video

** Please note this is for an existing brand who already has colours, logos, fonts. If you are looking for a brand refresh, please see our packages here.


$99.00Book Now

Website Maintenance

Wordpress Website Maintenance + Cleanup

Now might be a great time to look at your website and fix up any outdated software, plugins etc.

We can go through your WordPress site and do any of the following if required..

  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update plugins Version
  • Update theme Version
  • Cleanup unwanted elements from themes
  • Setup social media integrations
  • Setup or update contact forms
  • Delete unused media files taking up space
  • Optimise images for SEO
  • Unpublishing unwanted pages and deleting old draft blog posts
  • Check Speed and improve speed where possible
  • Check Security and update any security plugins


$299.00Book Now

Content Creation

Guest Blogging

Do you need help writing blog posts for your blog, which are keyword rich and great for SEO?

As a guest on your blog, we can write a post on a topic from any of the following our team have interest and knowledge in:

  • Graphic design, Branding, Website design
  • Tech hacks
  • Innovation
  • Productivity/Organisation
  • Virtual Business Management
  • Design and Creative Trends
  • Mindfulness
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Food and Recipes
  • Wholefoods
  • Coffee
  • Play ideas for children
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Travel
  • Travelling with children

500-800 Words – fully edited, checked and provided as a word doc ready to publish with 2 royalty free stock images.


$298.00Book Now

Content Marketing

Blog Publishing

Do you have a blog written but not published? Let us help you get it published on your blog!

We will

  • Do basic editing / checking of words / spell check
  • Typeset your blog in your WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify platform
  • Find 1-2 relevant royalty free stock images for your blog
  • Search and create relevant keywords for your blog
  • Publish or schedule your blog 
  • Design one Blog graphic as a way to advertising/share your blog on social media 
  • Publish to your social media with links to your published blog post or send the graphic to you for scheduling


Price is for blogs 200-900 words, please contact us if your blog is longer for a customised price.


$89.00Book Now

Time for a new website?

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