The popularity of blue – is it a suitable colour for your brand?

By April 28, 2016verve


  • Avatar Alex says:

    It’s funny, when I was two, I only wanted to paint with the colour blue, never another colour. I would get upset if Mum put any other colour on my palette. She would tape ten or so bits of paper to the back fence, strip me down to my underpants, and give me the blue paint palette and a brush and off I went – happy as Larry! 🙂 My dog Hamish invariably got “blued” as well. I did lose my love of blue as I grew older but it’s since returned. I haven’t used it in my business’s branding as I was wanting warm tones but I have been rethinking this move lately. Thanks for helping me ponder blue again.

    • Teegan Nash Teegan Nash says:

      What a wonderful memory about blue Alex! Thanks for sharing – I can just imagine a little pooch all coloured in blue! I can see why your love of blue has returned 🙂 A mix of warm with blue tones is a great colour palette in design as blue and orange are complimentary. Orange exudes creativity, warmth and expression, combined with the trustworthy, calming and professional colour of blue could be a great mix for you!

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