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Take your brand to the next level with a digital re- marketing campaign

Brand digital re-marketing campaign
I recently talked to a client that just refreshed her brand, got a new website, and wanted to know how to take her brand to the next level. The problem? Her budget was tight for the next few months before she could look at running a serious digital advertising campaign. I get it. Doing a brand makeover or building a website is an investment. And once it's done, you want to introduce the new look to the world. So here's what I would do.…
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Great expectations – on ourselves and with our clients

Great expectations on ourselves and with our clients
Do you ever catch yourself wondering why a certain person isn’t doing something you expected? Such as when you’ve asked your partner to put the bins out, and they don’t? They’re funny things, expectations. Because they often come about unwittingly for both the expect-ee and expect-er. They can creep up on you. I’ve been ruminating this week about the “expectation dynamism” that manifests in the client/designer relationship. This thinking has also led me to ponder that we perhaps have a strange relationship with the…
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Which Type of Website is Right for Your Business?

So you want a website for your business. You want it to be gorgeous, functional, and to make your dream clients fall in love with your brand. And then go on to want to spend their money with you. Sounds pretty simple, right? But which Type of Website is Right for Your Business? If only it were that easy! As any developer or designer will tell you, there are tonnes of aesthetic options to choose from. Not to mention the fact that there are…
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