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So you want a website for your business. You want it to be gorgeous, functional, and to make your dream clients fall in love with your brand. And then go on to want to spend their money with you. Sounds pretty simple, right? But which Type of Website is Right for Your Business?

If only it were that easy! As any developer or designer will tell you, there are tonnes of aesthetic options to choose from. Not to mention the fact that there are many different types of websites for your business. Determining what you really want, and which kind of website will serve your business, is a pretty extensive process, to put it mildly.

Here’s a conversation we have almost every time we begin a website project with a client.

Client: I need a website for my business. How much will it cost?

Us: We’d love to help you with that! The price depends on what type of website you need. What were you thinking?

Client: Just a simple site. You know, with slideshows, contact forms, pop-up windows, an online shop, a login area for our clients… oh, and a blog too…

You get the picture.


So what do you need to know about developing the right type of website for your business?

Firstly, understand that a website is not just a website. Above all it’s an extension of your business; a shopfront that’s open 24/7. Most importantly also a reflection of your brand, and communicates volumes about you to potential customers. For instance, imagine if you owned a dress shop where all the shelves were in disarray. The window featured undressed mannequins and there was no one at the till ready to take your order. Sadly, this is what some businesses’ websites feel like. Instead of creating a site that functions well and is appealing to their target market, these businesses choose to toss up any old thing on the web and call it a day. Clueless to the fact that they are doing damage to their brand.

Perhaps the problem is that ‘website’ is too vague a word to convey what it actually contributes to your business. In addition, the options of what you can do with your website are practically limitless. However for a business starting out, or even adding an online store, the process is daunting.

Which kind of site will work for your business?

Below is a list of several types of websites, and the businesses and clients for which each type is best suited. I’ve included some examples of sites we’ve designed (and a few designed by others), for your visual inspiration. Read on to determine which kind of website can help your business shine online!

Sorts of business basic web presence
Type of Site:

Basic web presence


Description: A simple site intended to establish credibility and provide basic, yet essential information to customers.

Good For: Brand-new businesses, small businesses, businesses with no ‘products,’ businesses offering familiar services such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, mechanics, etc.

Essential Content: Basic business description, services or products offered

Calls-to-Action: Contact/enquiry form

Cost: $

Sites We’ve Done: Fulham Consulting; Dr. Simone Page

For Instance:  The Minus Firm, Nicola Potts

Type of business website One-page with blog
Type of Site:

One-page site with blog

Verve’s Mini Site Package


Description: Modern, minimalist site for creative, service-based startups with a web-savvy clientele

Good For: Service professionals, designers, artists and other creatives, bloggers, consultants, wellness startups

Essential Content: Easily located contact information, hiring details

Calls-to-Action: ‘Work With Me’ page, email opt-in/offer

Cost: $$

Sites We’ve Done: AFI Balance, Nice Threads, Common Good, Johanna Anning

For Instance:  Rosewater Market & Takeaway, Mind Journal

kinds of work one page website with menu
Type of Site:

One page site, lots of photos with menu

Verve’s Mini Site Package


Description: Aesthetically pleasing, yet simple site to communicate services and atmosphere

Good For: Restaurants, coffee shops and other service industry businesses

Essential Content: Opening and closing hours, location, menu

Calls-to-Action: Phone number, booking form, map with directions, social media links

Cost: $$$

Sites We’ve Done: Donna Bionda

For Instance: Tavares, Chick’s Fry House, Restaurante Baobab, Maaemo, Saboc

Type of Site:

General business site

Verve’s Online Entrepreneur Site Package


Description: Informational site, useful for a variety of business types

Good For: Professional services, information-based businesses

Essential Content: Clear, concise copywriting, intentional branding, easy-to-use navigation

Calls-to-Action: Contact forms, call/consultation scheduling, download information kit

Cost: $$$

Sites We’ve Done: Your Unique Matter, Dr Hannah Bourke, Purcell Taylor, Live and Breathe Yoga, Chatswood Central, Brazier MottiCoral Sunscreen

For Instance: Australia Fair Shopping Centre

Type of business website Showroom / portfolio
Type of Site:

Showroom / portfolio site

Verve’s Online Entrepreneur Site Package


Description: Gallery-style site intended to showcase a business’ products, a residential or retail space, or an artist or maker’s creations

Good For: Architects, builders, interior designers, graphic designers, hotels, tourism industry businesses

Essential Content: Quality imagery, clear explanation of the business’ role in the images, contact information

Cost: $$$$

Sites We’ve Done: Honey Atkinson, Insight CreativeTownsville Texture Coating, Roux Blond, Turek Road InteriorsLancini Property & Development

For Instance:  Taxonomy of Design, The Greenwich Hotel Penthouse, Blu Homes, One John St., Dumbo Townhouses

Remember that your website may be the first (or only!) impression a customer has of your business. Therefore, make it count!

Type of business website Information-heavy
Type of Site:

Information-heavy site

Verve’s Online Entrepreneur Site Package +


Description: Site used to communicate detailed information to visitors and to allow interactive and/or downloadable forms.

Good For: Universities, colleges, government agencies, organisations

Essential Content: Logical site structure and navigation, good search functionality, easy-to-use forms, accessibility across multiple browsers and for visually challenged visitors

Calls-to-Action: Downloadable forms, signup forms

Cost: $$$$

Sites We’ve Done: Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership, YWAM Townsville

For Instance: The University of Sydney, Australian Government

Type of business website Shop
Type of Site:

Shop site

Verve’s Shop Site Package


Description: E-commerce site, enabling visitors to browse products and shop online

Good For: Retailers

Essential Content: Organised shop- and sub-shop categories, easy-to-navigate buy buttons and checkout functionality

Calls-to-Action: Voucher discounts, sign-up to email list

Cost: $$$$$

Sites We’ve Done: Brynn & Co, Botanical Style, Geo Junkie, Becalm Baby, Me Mo Stationery, The Organic Pantry

For Instance: Bare and Boho, Aesop, Patagonia, Anthropologie

Type of business website Online magazine / editorial
Type of Site:

Online magazine / editorial site

Verve’s Online Entrepreneur Site Package


Description: Design-centric site with images and written content for a discerning audience. In other words, a well designed editorial website with lots of white space, large gorgeous images and most importantly eye catching layouts.

Good for: Magazines, newspapers and individual writers

Essential Content: Excellent writing and/or photography, unique layout that doesn’t look like a blog and allows for easy reading and navigation

Calls-to-Action: Email signup, social sharing links

Cost: $$$$$

Sites We’ve Done: Confetti Magazine

For Instance: New York Times, The Great Discontent, Quotes Magazine, The Forecaster Interactive

In conclusion, why not give them a unique online experience and convert them into raving fans before they even meet you? After that, when you’re ready to upgrade your presence on the web, see our branding and web packages – we’d love to help!