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How to get your brand colours right

Getting Your Branding Colours Right: A Step-By-Step Formula

Do you love a particular colour but aren’t sure what colours might complement it? Ever wondered how to get your brand colours right and know how to use the right colours in your design? Wish you shared professional designers’ knowledge on pairing colours? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to let you in on a design school secret on the topic of colour, as well as a primer on how to select colours for your next design project. (You’re…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Standard System Fonts


You’re working on a dreamy brand design project, and are ready to add your amazing text – but wait! Don’t use those boring old standard system fonts! (At least, not if you want your message to shine!) Standard system fonts are those that come pre-installed on your computer – for example, the ones that come up in Microsoft Word. I can hear you now…  “But it’s just text….system fonts must be good enough if everyone has them?” Sorry to say this, but it’s the…

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Five Easy Ways to Make Your Website Great

I have a confession to make. When I was a child, I loved to rearrange my room. That doesn’t sound so strange, does it? Believe me, though: this went well beyond just tidying up! Instead, I redesigned the entire layout of my room, including changing the colours and deciding on the placement of all of my favourite things. It used to drive my parents crazy when they’d hear me dragging furniture across the floor and toppling over bookshelves! Now, as an adult, I realise…

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Why traditional forms of networking don’t work

Networking has never really been my thing. And I could never quite figure out why… I mean I LOVE people. I love TALKING to people and hearing their stories. I enjoy meeting new people and forming lasting relationships. I like helping people and suggesting ideas. And I love to collaborate with people who hold common interests. I was the child in the playground who would walk up to a complete stranger and make friends with them instantly. I’ve never been afraid of talking to…

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Love is in the air!


Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love. Maybe that’s how the day started out (somewhere back in the 5th Century), but let’s be honest… there are several elements of the ‘origins of Valentine’s Day’ story that are questionable (to say the least). So for the sake of everyone having the opportunity to be involved in all of the Valentine’s Day shenanigans, let’s just say V-Day is for all! If not a partner, why not tell a friend or family member how much you…

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