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Should I re-brand?

should I rebrand
I’ve recently moved house. (I can almost hear sighs of anguish as you empathise with what I’ve just been through… thank you!!) Let’s just be honest from the outset and agree that no one enjoys moving. It requires us to sort, purge, pack, lift, sweat, organise, clean, unpack, re-organise, and clean some more—and unless you’re one of those crazy, housework-loving people, the prospect of moving is enough to make you want to find a great big (comfortable) rock to crawl underneath and hide. In…
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Choosing the ideal name for your business

choosing the ideal name for your business
So, you’ve got a great business concept and now you’re at the point of nutting out the details... How will I go about marketing my business? Where should I be based? Will I need a website? One of the most important things you’ll be asking yourself is, ‘What should my business be named?’ When considering a business name, there are a lot of factors that come into play and you need to make sure you are 200% happy with what you’ve chosen.  (But that…
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