Approaching Social Media Like “The Little Engine That Could”

By     August 26, 2019

A strong social media presence is so important when you’re running a business, but that doesn’t necessarily make maintaining one easy! With so many things pulling at our time and attention, and the constantly challenge of creating fresh content, it’s very common to become overwhelmed by the whole thing and to feel like just giving up. That feeling becomes even stronger when we’re not seeing the return we hoped for in terms of increased fans and followers and growing revenue. But, just like the…

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Getting Your Branding Colours Right: A Step-By-Step Formula

By     December 18, 2017
Getting Your Branding Colours Right: A Step-By-Step Formula

Do you love a particular colour but aren’t sure what colours might complement it? Ever wondered how many of those beautiful colours you can use in your design? Wish you shared professional designers’ knowledge on pairing colours? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to let you in on a design school secret on the topic of colour, as well as a primer on how to select colours for your next design project. (You’re welcome!) Speaking from my own experience,…

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Five Easy Ways to Make Your Website Great

By     October 9, 2015

I have a confession to make. When I was a child, I loved to rearrange my room. That doesn’t sound so strange, does it? Believe me, though: this went well beyond just tidying up! Instead, I redesigned the entire layout of my room, including changing the colours and deciding on the placement of all of my favourite things. It used to drive my parents crazy when they’d hear me dragging furniture across the floor and toppling over bookshelves! Now, as an adult, I realise…

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The Smiling Mind: Meditation’s Magic for Your Business

By     September 25, 2015

A few years ago, before I owned a business, I thought the concept of meditation was a little woo-woo/hippy.  I didn’t imagine it being useful in my life. Even as I recommended meditation to an old boss as a way to calm some of the stress he was going through, I didn’t know how powerful it could be – I realise now how naively I suggested it, not truly understanding its transformative abilities! Once I became a business owner, I finally took my own…

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Making Facebook Beautiful (Yes, It’s Possible!)

By     August 21, 2015

Anyone who knows me well knows I go on (and on and on…) about “brand consistency at every touchpoint.” And for good reason: every interaction with your customer should feel familiar with the last interaction they had with you. But what do you do when you have to represent your brand to your audience through a third party’s brand? So, there’s your beautiful brand, sitting on or alongside another logo and another brand – and in most ways it doesn’t feel like it matches…

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Why traditional forms of networking don’t work

By     August 6, 2015

Networking has never really been my thing. And I could never quite figure out why… I mean I LOVE people. I love TALKING to people and hearing their stories. I enjoy meeting new people and forming lasting relationships. I like helping people and suggesting ideas. And I love to collaborate with people who hold common interests. I was the child in the playground who would walk up to a complete stranger and make friends with them instantly. I’ve never been afraid of talking to…

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Is the colour of your brand confusing your customer?

By     September 10, 2014

It was a Monday morning when I got the phone call. “Hi. I need help with re-branding my logo – people aren’t sure if we’re carpet cleaners or not” Me: “Hi, I’d love to help! The first step is to fill in our re-brand form – it asks a lot of questions about what your business does and how we can help improve it. I can email it to you if you would like to fill it in?” Them: “Oh, I don’t have time…

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