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Is the colour of your brand confusing your customer?

By September 10, 2014May 24th, 2021verve

It was a Monday morning when I got the phone call.

“Hi. I need help with re-branding my logo – people aren’t sure if we’re carpet cleaners or not”

Me: “Hi, I’d love to help! The first step is to fill in our re-brand form – it asks a lot of questions about what your business does and how we can help improve it. I can email it to you if you would like to fill it in?”

Them: “Oh, I don’t have time for that – could you just take a look at my logo and provide a suggestion?”

Me: “We find the best success from clients who spend the time answering our strategically designed questions, so we can suggest the best colour scheme, fonts and brand direction for you”.

Them: “Ok. Um. Email it through and I’ll take a look”.

As promised I emailed through the brand request form. I also Googled their business to familiarise myself with their existing brand.

I was a little shocked when I saw their logo. They were a carpet cleaning business, and their name and colour scheme resembled blood. Yes, blood.

I immediately called the lady back.

Me: “Hi there, we were just speaking earlier. I have just sent through the logo brand request form, but I think I know your problem – do you realise your name looks like the word blood and your logo colours are a blood red?”

There was silence.

Them: “Oh dear. No, I never realised that before – a friend of ours designed our logo – they’re not a graphic designer”.

This might seem like an extreme example, but I’m being completely truthful when I say we see similar scenarios almost every week.

We have clients come to us with an existing brand; wondering why people are confused as to what they do.

Colour has a powerful effect to the mind. And unless you’re trained in colour theory, it takes a trained eye to suggest the best colour scheme suitable for your business.

All of our logo designs begin with asking deep, insightful questions about your business.


So we can suggest a colour scheme that will represent everything you tell us about what your business does, values and communicates.

Have you seen any logos you’re confused by OR logos you love and think are really effective? Leave us your thoughts below!