Great expectations – on ourselves and with our clients

By     April 15, 2016
Great expectations on ourselves and with our clients

Do you ever catch yourself wondering why a certain person isn’t doing something you expected? Such as when you’ve asked your partner to put the bins out, and they don’t? They’re funny things, expectations. Because they often come about unwittingly for both the expect-ee and expect-er. They can creep up on you. I’ve been ruminating this week about the “expectation dynamism” that manifests in the client/designer relationship. This thinking has also led me to ponder that we perhaps have a strange relationship with the…

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Making Competition Irrelevant

By     October 23, 2015

I’ve been holding interviews for a new position in our studio this week, and an interesting thing happened. One of the candidates I spoke with was very open about wanting to set up a business in direct competition with mine, should he not get the job. I was intrigued by this notion of competition. And quickly I laughed it off and said, “There’s no such thing as competition, because I’ll never be you, and you’ll never be me.” He was a little annoyed at…

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The Smiling Mind: Meditation’s Magic for Your Business

By     September 25, 2015

A few years ago, before I owned a business, I thought the concept of meditation was a little woo-woo/hippy.  I didn’t imagine it being useful in my life. Even as I recommended meditation to an old boss as a way to calm some of the stress he was going through, I didn’t know how powerful it could be – I realise now how naively I suggested it, not truly understanding its transformative abilities! Once I became a business owner, I finally took my own…

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Values-Based Marketing – How to Connect With Your Customer

By     September 11, 2015

The topic of values, and how they impact our lives, is a popular one today – and for good reason! Not only are our values a foundation for how we live, they also can do the same for how we work, and how we attract and connect with customers for our business. It’s pretty basic, really – incorporating your values into your branding, as well as the way you operate your business, will make your business appealing to likeminded people. Likeminded people are more…

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3 steps to a values-based brand

By     August 2, 2014

I’ve had some wonderful jobs throughout my career and worked for some very motivated and inspiring people. But I’ve also worked in environments which were the exact opposite of what I believed in. I decided to venture into the world of running my own business for one main reason – My Values, in particular – having a brand with values. I desperately wanted to create my own inspiring environment that I felt aligned with everything I believed in. Have you been there? Have you…

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