Values-Based Marketing – How to Connect With Your Customer

By September 11, 2015May 24th, 2021verve

The topic of values, and how they impact our lives, is a popular one today – and for good reason! Not only are our values a foundation for how we live, they also can do the same for how we work, and how we attract and connect with customers for our business.

It’s pretty basic, really – incorporating your values into your branding, as well as the way you operate your business, will make your business appealing to likeminded people. Likeminded people are more likely to buy from you, and they’re more likely to be satisfied with your product or service. Even better, you’re more likely to enjoy working with them, because your values are in alignment. Pretty great, right?

I always love to say: People do business with businesses that are about the people.

Understanding what our customers truly value is one of the most essential things you can learn about them before you work with them.

Shared values helps to build trust and goodwill. When your customers value the same things as your business, they’ll feel an instant connection and be more likely to want to buy from you.

In case you’re wondering, when speaking of your values in your business, I’m referring to the things you believe in, what your business stands for, your ethics and morals, and what guides the choices you and your team make.   Sometimes, a business will have an “official” mission statement that incorporates their values, but just as often, they’ve never even considered it.

So what do you do when you understand the benefit of a values-based marketing approach, but you don’t yet have your business’ values identified?

Here’s an exercise: try brainstorming a list of words you’d use to describe the character of your business. These words should have nothing to do with what you sell, and everything to do with how you treat your customers and your team, how you engage with your community, and how you want your business to be perceived, both by the people who buy from you and by the world at large. In other words, don’t think so much about what your business does, but how your business does it. What’s really important to you?

(For inspiration, here are some values-based words to think about: honest, genuine, family-oriented, friendly, warm, authentic. Do any of those resonate with you?)

Once you’ve identified your values, they can be integrated into your branding, marketing, messaging and procedures, all of which will naturally attract the kinds of people you most want as your customers.

This strategy of connecting with people on the basis of values is far more effective than traditional sales and marketing techniques, in which the product is the focus and people are all but forgotten. Not only does it drive more sales, but it results in more authentic, satisfying work. We can’t think of a better way of doing business than that!

Are you in need of business branding and interested in a design that integrates and reflects your values to reach your ideal customer?

At Verve, when we bring on a new design client, one of the first key discovery sessions we hold is to discuss their values. This way, we can use those values as a basis for everything we create, including your branding.

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