Great expectations – on ourselves and with our clients

By     April 15, 2016
Great expectations on ourselves and with our clients

Do you ever catch yourself wondering why a certain person isn’t doing something you expected? Such as when you’ve asked your partner to put the bins out, and they don’t? They’re funny things, expectations. Because they often come about unwittingly for both the expect-ee and expect-er. They can creep up on you. I’ve been ruminating this week about the “expectation dynamism” that manifests in the client/designer relationship. This thinking has also led me to ponder that we perhaps have a strange relationship with the…

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Business Blogging Made Easier

By     February 12, 2016

(Today’s post comes courtesy of Jennifer Reitmeyer, the owner of Firebrand Messaging, a U.S.-based copywriting and content marketing company serving clients around the world. We invited her to share her strategies to help our readers make their own blogging easier!) We’ve all been there. Sitting in front of a blank computer screen, watching the cursor blink. Knowing that we should be blogging for our business (even if we’re not sure exactly why) and yet not having a clue what to write. Sound familiar? If…

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How to Work Best With a Designer

By     January 29, 2016

When you’re paying a designer to create your branding or another important project, you’re making a big investment, and probably have high expectations, too! So how can you create the best possible client/designer relationship? How can you get every ounce of creative genius out of that designer, and ensure you want to continue to engage them long into the future? I’m happy to let you in on a few secrets to creating a dreamy partnership with your designer – they’ll love you for it,…

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Approaching Social Media Like “The Little Engine That Could”

By     January 15, 2016
Dark Green

A strong social media presence is so important when you’re running a business, but that doesn’t necessarily make maintaining one easy! With so many things pulling at our time and attention, and the constant challenge of creating fresh content, it’s very common to become overwhelmed by the whole thing and to feel like just giving up. That feeling becomes even stronger when we’re not seeing the return we hoped for in terms of increased fans and followers and growing revenue. But, just like the…

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Selecting the Right Name for Your Business

By     December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! If you’ve resolved to launch your dream business in 2016, you probably want to start by selecting your business name. Your business name is your clients’ very first impression of who you are and what you do, so choosing the right one is incredibly important. The wrong name can chip away at your credibility and keep you from closing sales, while a great business name can serve as the foundation for your professional image for years, even decades, to come. But…no…

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Business Health Series – Healthy Business Words

By     November 28, 2015
Business Health Series – Healthy Business Words

Please join me in welcoming our second guest contributor, wordsmith extraordinaire – Alex Christopher from ‘Alex  Christopher {Writes}’, for our three part blog series  “Business Health”. Inspired by the work of some of my fellow small business friends, this series is all about keeping “healthy” in business and life. In it are the voices of great business people sharing their knowledge from various fields. We hope you enjoy the rich and diverse topics of keeping you and your business healthy.   Healthy Business Words You…

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Which Type of Website is Right for Your Business?

By     November 20, 2015

So you want a website for your business. You want it to be gorgeous, functional, and basically to make your dream clients fall madly in love with you and want to spend all their money on you. Sounds pretty simple, right? If only it were that easy! As any developer or designer will tell you, there are tonnes of aesthetic options to choose from, not to mention the fact that there are all different types of sites. Determining what you really want, and which…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Standard System Fonts

By     November 6, 2015

You’re working on a dreamy design project, and are ready to add your amazing text copy – but wait! Don’t reach for a boring old standard system font! (At least, not if you want your message to shine!) Standard system fonts are those that come pre-installed on your computer – for example, the ones that come up in Microsoft Word. I can hear you now…”But it’s just text,” you’re saying. “System fonts must be good enough – those fonts are popular for a reason!”…

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